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Cartier watches are known for their precision engineering and their prestigious style. It is no surprise they are considered the ‘king of jewellers’. However, if your Cartier watch is no longer getting the use it deserves or doesn’t fit in your watch collection anymore, then it might be time to sell.

If you no longer want your Cartier watch, then you don’t have to let it go to scrap. Jewellery Buyers buy second-hand Cartier watches from mint-condition to non-functioning timepieces, so you can get a better deal when you sell.

Sell Cartier Watch
Jewellery Buyers make it easy to sell your Cartier watch with just three easy steps.
  1. Fill out our form

This is a baseline assessment so that we can create an estimated valuation for you.

  1. Visit us for a valuation

After completing the form, we’ll invite you to make an appointment at your convenience at our Mayfair store, where we can complete an in-depth valuation.

  1. Receive your same-day payment

If you’re happy with the valuation, you can receive an instant payment for your watch.

Why Sell A Cartier Watch?

Cartier watches can retain their value which means they can be well worth selling.

If your Cartier watch is:

  • An unwanted gift
  • Doesn’t get any use
  • Collects dust in a drawer
  • An heirloom you no longer want to keep
  • Is broken or damaged

Then selling your Cartier watch to Jewellery Buyers is a great way to release some capital from your watch.

Some Cartier watches retain and even increase in value, especially if you have a rare edition. To find out the value of your watch, Jewellery Buyers offer a free, no-obligation valuation and can make selling your watch as easy as possible.

Sell your Cartier watch in three simple steps.

Which Cartier Models Sell Best?

At Jewellery Buyers, we buy a range of Cartier watch models, including:

  • Ballon Bleu
  • Calibre De Cartier
  • Panthere
  • Panthere Ronde
  • Roadster
  • Ronde Solo
  • Santos
  • Santos Galbee
  • Tank Americaine
  • Tank Francaise

While we buy Cartier watches in a range of conditions, even if it’s no longer functioning, you are likely to get a higher valuation if the watch is in excellent condition and complete with box and any documents relating to its provenance.

With Cartier watches, tastes and trends change rapidly. However, Cartier watches generally maintain their value thanks to the quality craftsmanship, the precious materials they contain and the esteemed brand name.

Cartier watches made from gold and those containing precious gemstones can command a high price, so if your watch isn’t receiving the care or wear it deserves, it can well be worth selling.

Sell A Cartier Tank Watch

Considered a cult classic by watch collectors, valuations for Cartier Tank models can be attractive, especially older watches that have a desirable vintage appeal. There are lots of Cartier Tank models on the market, so unusual designs may command a higher price. However, at Jewellery Buyers, we offer free valuations on all Cartier watches, so why not pop in to see us and find out how much your Cartier Tank is worth?

We Buy Santos de Cartier Watches

The Santos de Cartier watch is a classic timepiece dedicated to the pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont. Its square shape and clear Roman numerals make this watch an icon in the Cartier collection. However, if the square shape no longer aligns with your style, it could be well worth selling to our Cartier experts.

Looking To Sell A Cartier Panthere Watch?

These unisex watches can be extravagant in their design, which can help them to retain their value and provide an attractive valuation if you’re looking to sell your Cartier watch. Typically, Cartier Panthere is one of the most desirable models for watch collectors, which can help to boost your valuation and could be a great way to receive payment for a watch that is unloved or rarely worn.

Sell Your Cartier Watch With Jewellery Buyers

Jewellery Buyers have over twenty years in valuing and buying Cartier watches which means we can provide you with in-depth knowledge of your piece and a full market appraisal. By only buying Rolex and Cartier watches, our team can provide detailed assessments and answer any questions you may have about the valuation.

We offer competitive and honest pricing valuations and are happy to offer second opinions to help you find the right valuation for your Cartier timepiece.

  • Free, no-obligation valuations
  • A simple three-step selling process
  • In-person appointments in Mayfair
  • Receive same-day payment
  • Fair, honest and accurate valuations
  • Friendly, knowledgeable Cartier experts.

Find out how much your Cartier watch is worth today.


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