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Find out the value of your luxury watch
with Jewellery Buyers

Whether you are looking to downsize your watch collection, declutter an unwanted gift or feel you’re no longer getting value from your luxury timepiece, then Jewellery Buyers can help. We are watch experts who can help you secure a competitive valuation for your Cartier or Rolex watch.

Sell To Cartier And Rolex Watch Experts

Jewellery Buyers specialises in two luxury watch brands: Cartier and Rolex. This means we have detailed knowledge of both brands and can determine correct valuations based on your watch’s age, model, and condition.

If you want an honest and detailed valuation from the Rolex and Cartier experts, Jewellery Buyers offers a central London location where we provide free, no-obligation watch valuations.


The classic Rolex, made for over 60 years.


Either in the I or II variants


Either in the 34, 36 or 41mm

Air King

With or without the date

Three Steps To Sell Your Luxury Watch

At Jewellery Buyers, we make the process of selling your Rolex or Cartier watch as easy as possible. You can receive quick payment from a trusted, reputable buyer in just three simple steps.

  1. Complete our form

This helps us to get an accurate assessment of your watch so we can best support your enquiry

  1. Bring your watch to our Mayfair location

We’ll inspect the watch and give you the most accurate valuation at an appointment at our central London store

  1. Receive your payment

If you’re happy with the valuation, you can receive same-day payment from Jewellery Buyers.

Why Sell Your Watch?

  • Luxury watches such as Rolex and Cartier retain a high value
  • Your taste or style has changed, and you no longer wear the watch
  • It’s no longer an important part of your collection
  • You’re ready to upgrade your watch and looking to exchange
  • It’s only collecting dust, and the money could be better used.

Sell Your Watch With Jewellery Buyers

Our central London team are experts in horology and are Rolex and Cartier specialists. As such, we can examine and value your watch quickly and accurately to give you a fair price. Jewellery Buyers have over twenty years of valuing and buying experience with countless happy customers who appreciate our honesty, integrity and expertise.

Because we only buy Rolex or Cartier watches, we are laser-focused on even the most minor market changes and keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to the most in-demand pieces. With this in-depth experience, we can ensure every valuation is accurate and competitive.

If you’re looking to receive a no-obligation valuation or perhaps receive a second opinion on a valuation, get in touch or visit us at our convenient Mayfair location.

Selling Your Watch – Top Tips Before Selling

At Jewellery Buyers, we know that selling a timepiece can be a difficult decision. We recommend following a few steps to ensure that selling your Rolex or Cartier watch is as easy as possible.

What do you feel?

If the watch holds a lot of memories for you, it can be challenging to know if now’s the right time to let go. Before selling, make sure you are completely happy to sell and won’t regret your decision. The best way to check whether selling is right for you is to hold the piece and check what emotions come up. If you don’t feel anything or feel bad that it’s not being used or cherished enough, then it’s likely that you’re ready to sell.

Similarly, if the watch has a negative connotation, perhaps a present from an ex-partner or someone you’d rather not think about, then letting go of the watch can be a release and a chance to move forward.

Everyone will have a different opinion, so make sure you are happy with your own decision before selling.

Check your watch

While it’s not essential, you can often get a better valuation for your watch when you have any paperwork or box for the watch. If you have time before selling, it may be well worth rooting out any paperwork relating to your watch before a valuation appointment.

Useful information to have includes any sales receipts, warranty information or any documents regarding servicing, repairs or any replacing of components.

Spending the time collecting this information in advance can ensure your valuation is quick and simple, and you can get the most accurate price.

Choose the right buyer

There are lots of options for selling your watch, and the right buyer will come down to your preferences and the condition of the watch. If you have a luxury timepiece such as a Cartier or Rolex watch, then it is likely you’d like your watch to go to a good home rather than being scrapped.

Furthermore, to get the best price for your watch, it is best to go to specialists who know the specific market inside out. If you’re selling a luxury Rolex or Cartier timepiece, then selling to experts who have excellent knowledge about each model, era, and current trends can help secure the best possible price for your watch.

Jewellery Buyers – The Watch Buying Experts

If you’re ready to sell your watch, we’re here to help. We can provide valuations and offers on Cartier and Rolex watches, whether they are in perfect working condition, with or without boxes or no longer functioning.

We’ll value all Rolex and Cartier watch models, including Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day-Date, Rolex Daytona, Cartier Tank Americaine, Tank Francaise, and Panthere.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.